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Burn serious calories with circuit training

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Circuit training is better for building muscle and losing weight than cardio because it shocks your muscles with high-intensity strengthening movements that will firm and tone your whole body all at once.

Studies have shown that doing coordinated exercises that strengthen multiple parts of the body at once are much more effective for building muscle than targeting single muscle groups.

Studies that have compared cardio to high intensity interval training and circuit training found that people doing shorter spurts of high intensity exercises lose more weight and burn more calories than those doing longer sets of low or medium intensity cardio.

Circuit training keeps you much more active during the entire workout, whereas your body adjusts quickly to cardio and will burn less calories the more you do it.

This is also because circuit training has been shown to increase your metabolic rate much more than cardio in the 24 hours after you finish your exercise.

So not only are you burning more calories while training, but you continue to burn more calories after finishing your exercise

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